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Monica traveled to London visiting her friends and decided to dress herself as a man to pass the customs easier with her dangerous luggage. Unfortunately the officers checked her identity. The trouble starts! The story will continuing! Camera: Peter Felix Kurtz, Guest Model: Hannah Price

Stars: Hannah Price, Rubbersisters

Pizza Boy - Pleasure Doll

The story continues for the Pizza Boy on a bench! Jacline and La Poupette showed this poor guy what a sexy girl has to do to please a man. He couldn't escape as the girls took him with strap on's. Camera and location: Matthias Wallmeier

Stars: La Poupette, Pizza Boy, Rubbersisters

Rubber Doll Contest

Here is the video clip from the Rubber Sisters Doll Contest 2010, Hamburg Edelfettwerk. The RubberSisters started with a strip show of Monica, La Poupette and Bijou. Then the Contest started with Katya Lynx, Rubber Pupett, Yvonne and Gaelle. Many thanks for all the support and help from our friends, organisation and assistance to let it happend.

Stars: La Poupette, Bijou, Rubbersisters

Clinic Dolls

After Monica & Jacline transformed their patient Bijou into a rubber doll with female mask and tight latex, they started with a pervy clinic examinatian. The whole Rubber Sisiters Clinic was full of rubber, sex toys, masks and dildos. All 3 dolls enjoyed touching her tits and pussies, licking and using the hot clinical toys for their pleasure. On top of it they controlled her breathings with gasmasks.

Stars: Bijou, Rubbersisters

Abbey Nuns

The pervy rituals in the nuns abbey continues! Sister Jacline and Bijou have something really heavy in her mind. They want to fill all wholes of sister Monica with huge dildos to make her hot and sweaty. Finally they fucked her with two strapons from both sides. We wish you all a fucking good.

Stars: Bijou, Rubbersisters

Dress-Up Doll

Rubber doll Jacline awaked in her rubberised bedroom. She loves the smell of rubber and to coat her skin with latex. She was pulling on her sexy latex lingerie and covers her body completely with tight pink and black latex. After she got on her high heels, she was ready for another wonderful day in latex.

Stars: Jacline


Monica & Jacline got ready for an exciting day at the Boundcon. Monica was driving the car with her open eyes mask. Both canĀ“t wait to meet her friend La Poupette outdoor in Munich. At the fair they did a heavy rubber bondage show on stage and walked through the fair afterwards. Jacline decided to get into the latex bondage cube and she loved the great feeling. Camera and adding: Eric, ed-Media.

Stars: La Poupette, Monica, Jacline

Display Dummys

The Rubbersisters did a live performance to promote a handy shop in the center of a big german city. The shop owner Nadja didn't know the naughty ideas of here living display dummys at the window! She stunned a lot as she got forced to dress herself completely in latex. Camera and Adding: Eric, ed-Media

Stars: Nadja, Rubbersisters

Casting 2

here now the video clip "Casting 2" Many thanks to: Mistress Maxime and Mark

Stars: Mistress Maxime, Rubbersisters

Coffee Italiano

Monica & Jacline invited Fetish Dea and her slave for a spezial Italien coffee. After a short conversation the 3 girls decided to play. They started touching each other with their rubberised fingers, licking her big boobs and wet pussies. The slave latex creature can't believe what was going on at these afternoon. The rubber girls didn't stop before everyone was pleased. Camera: Luca Salvestrini

Stars: Fetish Dea, Rubbersisters

Bound Girl

Monica was bondaged with chains for hours, then Gwen comes in and treat her victim. The rubber covered girls decided to tied her up on a special bondage swing. They forced her to be quiet. No chance to escape. The girls used the perfect toy on Monica before they looked her in the cage, where she had to watch how the rubber adicted pervys playing. Many thanks to Gwen from Rubber Dynasty for the location and pictures.

Stars: Gwen, Jacline, Monica

Bondage Doll

Baroness Bijou told Monica her pervy ideas she had with Rubber Doll Jacline. First bondage her outdoor in an industrial area, bind up her arms and close her mouth and eyes. Then treat her with a black rubber dildo before outing her in public as a helpless victum. It was a kinky experience during the Boundcon exhibition.

Stars: Baroness Bijou, Rubbersisters

Rubber Cat

Monica and Jacline was playing with their house cat. These pussycat Rubberstar wanted to get a lot of attension. Playing with each others rubber bodies gets us so horny. It was a wonderful evening for all three of us once again totaly covert with latex. Watch these pussies playing. Camera: Tontom

Stars: Rubberstar, Rubbersisters

Nuns Vacuum Bed

The rubber nuns Monica and Jacline went to sister La Poupette's bedroom to wake her up. They switch on the vacuum pump to keep her tied. Slowly they pet her awake. See one morning in the life of nuns in the latex monastery. Camera and Location: Matthias Wallmeier

Stars: La Poupette, Rubbersisters

Rubber Girls

The always in rubber dressed sisters, Jacline and Valentina let you observe them during their playing. Valentina was covered with a heavy rubber bondage jacket to restain her movements. She struggled while Jacline was preparing her wet pussy with different toys, playing with her real big boobs and used her tongue on her hard nipples which makes both so horny.

Stars: Valentina, Jacline

Sulky Ponys

Ready for a sulky training with the ponygirls Monica and Jacline? After our first outdoor lession with Riding Mistress Bijou, we continued with a really heavy pony eduaction. Both fixed on the sulky, a snaffle in her mouth, started in her high laced boots with a trot and ends up with extended canter.

Stars: Riding Bijou, Rubbersisters

Captured in Rubber

Monica was captured for a whole weekend in her heavy rubberdoll suit. She escaped out of her bondage and started touching herself and enjoyed the tight latex feeling on her skin.

Stars: Monica
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