Welcome to the “FAQ” page of Magic Sisters.

What is Magic Sisters?

We are happy to offer you a new generation of video streaming website in HD and SD resulution.

Magic Sisters offers REAL FULL SCREEN playback (just check out our samples page) using the latest in video streaming technology and the fastest servers around we are able to bring you unrivaled quality playback, speed and of course our stunning fetish productions…

How does Magic Sisters work?

There is no membership with recurring billing, all you pay for is what you want to see! This makes the site great value for money and unlike some sites when you stop playing your video, you stop paying! It’s that simple…

Is Magic Sisters content shown elsewhere?

NO! Unlike just about every other fetish producer out there on the web we have not submitted ANY of our Rubbersisters Productions to other 3rd party video streaming sites! This makes the content here very exclusive and we did this for a very good reason! We care about our videos and did not want to see them offered all over the web in such poor quality, this is why Magic Sisters was purpose built for the job…

When is Magic Sisters updated?

Whenever a video is released from Rubbersisters.com it will be available here and that will be every few weeks! You can catch-up with our “new video updates” via the “Newsletters” we sent…

How do I sign-up?

First you need to “Register” yourself to the Magic Sisters payment partner CCBill. This is a simple sign-up process that enables you to buy the credits of your choice, to watch the video of your choice. Just follow the link “Register” above and make sure you use a VALID email address to receive your login data via email.

How do the credits work?

Ok “Credits” is basically a term used for the purchasing of “Time”. So for instance you choose which amount of time you wish purchase and then login, your “Time” does not however start to be used until you hit the play button on your chosen video and stops as soon as you hit the “Stop” button on the player. Once your time credit is exhausted, you get deleted automatically. You don’t have to cancel or delete your registation! If you like to buy more time credits, you have to register again and do a new payment. It’s that simple.