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The Rubbersisters continues their education at the fetish academy from Marquis. After Monica's feminization, Bianca is checking the rubberdoll outfits and the correct shape. Monica and Jacline are playing with each other, using a lot of lubrication and get ready to be used as living lovedolls.

Stars: Bianca Czernich, Rubbersisters

Pole Dance

The Italian girl Bizarre Violet and the Rubbersisters went to a pole dance bar in Milano. Monica & Jacline was covered in shiny purple latex and wear high laced boots. The thrilly atmosphere, the cool music and the hot movements of the girls made the night really erotical.

Stars: Bizarre Violet, Rubbersisters

Hot Summer Refreshing

Monica is getting to hot in her rubber doll suit and decide to take a cooled shower. She takes of her lingerie which she is wearing on top of the latex suit. She really loves the exciting looks of her wet rubber skin.

Stars: Monica

Dildo Dolls

3 Rubber rubber dolls were completly dressed in black and red latex and played together her own kinky game. Valentina enjoyed the gasmask and had to control her breath while Monica and Jacline touching her everywhere to have plesure!

Stars: Valentina, Rubbersisters

Rubber Slut

Rubberdoll Valentina introduce slut Jacline to a new level of dildo sizes. She has to insert bigger and bigger dimensions in her holes. See what happend as Valentina starts to pump up the dildo.

Stars: Valentina, Jacline

Rubber Slave

Two fully rubberised girls decided to have pleasure with her slave. They lie him down and start to rub themself on his haed and legs. Sarah and Jacline made him to vibrate all over his body.

Stars: Sarah, Jacline, Rubber Slave

Enclose Me

Two Rubbergirls love to be completly dressed in black rubber. On top of the latex suit Jacline get many layers of transparent plastic foil around to fix her in place. Petra enjoys to play with her victim and get very horny as she fills the last openings with rubber.

Stars: Petra, Jacline

Bridal Night

Monica was getting married in Heidelberg with her girlfriend Jill Diamond. She didn't know what her wife had in mine at the bridal night. Poor Monica really had to pass all kinds of sexual practics this night! Video Fetograf

Stars: Jill Diamond, Monica

Slappers Toy

Jacline is showing her girlfriends Larissa and Mary the toys in their bedroom. In the mattress is a men implemented in vaccum. The rubber keeps him immobilised and always ready for her pleasure. To get the toy more comfortable and to please her lesbian tendency she can pump up boobs and hips.

Stars: Larissa, Mary Jale, Jacline, Paul


Can you imagine how exciting it is for a fisherman, when he sees a very well curved rubber girl going snorkeling in his fishing area? Jacline went for a snorkeling trip early in the morning. She was complete dressed from head to toe in black and tied latex. Did she found a rubber fish?

Stars: Jacline

Party Island

We had the kinky idea to do a rubberized champagne party! So we tooked Pupett, pulling her a strong head harness over, bondaged her in a strange spreader bar and spend as many champagne as possible.

Stars: La Poupette, Rubbersisters

Heavy Jade

Jacline is putting on a gasmask to inhale the lovely smell of the rubber. She starts to play with a magic toy on herself and continues playing with her horny girl friend La Poupette. While her arms was bondaged and the head was covered with an inflatable hood, the noise she is doing turns Jacline on very much. This girls just can't stop it.

Stars: La Poupette, Jacline


Paul get an invitation to a film casting, but first he has to transform himself into a rubber girl. He will find all, what he needs in a suitcase at the hotel. Let´s see, maybe he/she will get the job? Story to be continue....

Stars: Monica


Monica and Rubberstar was playing with her Sissidoll at the Kitty Kat Club, Munich. They isolated her slave with an inflatable rubber hood. Then the girls rubbed her pussies and boobs on each other. They love it, playing in the middle of the crowd.

Stars: Rubberstar, Sissidoll and Monica

Get Dressed

My friend Hannah Price helped me to get dressed for an outdoor exploration. One layer of tight latex wasn´t enough! As we started lubricating each other I got very horny while touching her sexy ass. Before we left, I brought her to the climax with my rubbery fingers...

Stars: Jacline & Hannah Price

Fucking Machine

Mistress Maxi is presenting a new toy to poor Jacline. She can't speak and moan about getting strapped on to a gyn chair. The machine is working hard and the strokes are getting constantly faster. No stop until the Mistress is seeing a result!

Stars: Mistress Maxi, Jacline


Monica and Jacline have to interragate Anna Rose what she has done last night. With electricity on the right places she starts to whimper seriously. Jacline feels Anna's wet pussy and brings her finaly up to the truth. Photography: Uwe Rose / alterpic

Stars: Rubbersisters and Anna Rose

After Work

This is a very special and intimate video clip, where you can see some secrets, which you never saw before. After a hot latex session the girls can't stop playing. They unpack layers and layers of transparent latex to get ready for a bath. Look, what's happened behind the scene! Models: Monica, Jacline and Shinyaline from freaks-inside

Stars: Rubbersisters and Shinyaline

Transparent Love Dolls

3 transparent rubber coated girls enjoy the latex around them. They get into their rubber passion and take the chance playing together a kinky game, with only one goal, that everyone of them gets satisfied.

Stars: Monica, Jacline and Shinyaline

Downtown Vienna

It was a cold and rainy day in Vienna for Manuela and Monica. The girls went safely covered in rubber and with high heels on a shopping tour. Monica was wearing her Petra female mask with open eyes, to have a better view. Both catched lots of eyes especially in the main street.

Stars: Manuela, Monica
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