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Bubble Girls

To discover new sex toys is always a very exciting thing for Mary Jale ! Jacline demonstrate the best usage of the toys on herself and helps Mary to get the right satisfaction. The girls love to be totally inclosed in rubber and enjoy the shiny surrounding while playing together

Stars: Jacline, Mary Jale

Debauched Nurses

The rubber nurses Valentina and Jacline get together again to play totally rubberised. Both rubber dolls like the combination of red and black shiny latex from head to toe. They turned on each other, touching their hot bodies and licking her big tits and wet pussies. 100 % bizarre rubber action!

Stars: Valentina, Jacline

Kinky Lesbians

After Monica´s first ballet training with Hannah and Jacline, the girls had some pervy ideas to continue the lesson in high laced ballet boots . Monica get involved into a lesbians play! All of them enjoyed licking and touching each other and everthing!

Stars: Rubbersisters, Hannah Price

Rubber Nuns

Monica and Jacline forcing her sister Anna Rose to an orgasm while she is bondaged and fixed on a spreaderbar. Jacline is using a big strapon and Monica is whipping her sexy ass to discipline the nun. Photography: alterpic

Stars: Rubbersisters, Anna Rose

Dolls in Public

Last time in San Fransisco we took a special sight seeing tour, dressed completely in rubber and with female masks. We went to the most seenic places of the city. It was an amazing feeling with all the surprised people around us! Take a tour and see what happend.

Stars: Monica, Jacline

Fetish Saloon

Monica and Jacline visited a fetish saloon in Munich. Both totally covered in transparent latex and with female masks. Mistress Monica dominated her maid. She had to leek her high heels, while she was enjoying a cigar. The air was full of smoke. See the thrilling erotic!

Stars: Rubbersisters

It Girls 3

All the new toys and latex items which Monica and Larissa bought in Munich has to be tried out immediately. Maid Jacline and slave girl Betty was already waiting at home and they are excited what´s coming next. Starring: It girl Comtesse Larrisa & Monica, Maid Jacline, Lovedoll Betty, Bodyguard Martin, Camera Eric.

Stars: Larissa, Rubbersisters, Betty, Martin

Munich It Girls

It girl Monica dressed herself with a new latex costume and meet her girlfriend Larissa at the hairdresser. The girls want to have a new hairstyle and a beautiful make-up for this special day. They decide to go shopping wearing their hot latex outfits to get some new accessories and toys for the evening. Bodyguard: Martin, Stylist: Sedat, Camera: Eric

Stars: Comtesse Larissa, Lady Monica

It Girls 2

Here the film about the shopping tour with Larissa & Monica at the famous Maximilian street in Munich. So many nice shops and exciting thinks to buy. The girls fully dressed in latex keeps the bodyguard Martin very busy to hold the crowd away. Enjoy wearing latex in public! Video: Eric

Stars: Larissa, Monica, Jacline, Martin

Bavaian Girl

Bavarian boy Paul would like to visit his friends at the immediate vicinity farm. But this extraordinary farm is a women only place! So first he has to transform into a girl before he get access. Monica arrives by bicycle and find an original bavarian welcome gift...

Stars: Monica, Paul

Clinic Nurse Dolls

2 rigidity clinic dolls standing next to a gynchair like lifeless statues. As Valentina starts playing with herself the dolls become a life and bond her victum on the chair. You never know, what's behind a dollmask...

Stars: Monica, Jacline & Valentina

Car Wash

Here the Video to the car wash story with the rubber dolls. Monica & Jacline was ready for a kinky outdoor activity. They cleaned and polished the hot curves of the car and herself, too. They liked the water jet on her black latex skin, the nice feeling of the wet sponge between her breasts and legs. They loved her high heels and the shiny rims in between. Many thanks to our guest model Vanessa

Stars: Monica, Jacline, Vanessa

Mask Lover

Two rubber dolls addicted in gasmasks, balletshoes and breathcontrol, was rubbing each other in oil before they started connecting the tubes to her gasmasks and her wet pussies. They couldn´t stop before everyone got a huge orgasm. Models: Jacline and Shinyaline

Stars: Jacline & Shinyaline

Clinic Girls

The atmosphere of the clinic room was full of rubber. Monica, Jacline and Hannah satisfied their kinky clinic games, while they masturbated each others wet pussy with a pleasure toy... Next patient please! Pictures: Peter Felix Kurtz

Stars: Monica, Jacline and Hannah Price

Breath Control

Jacline prepars different items to test, how Monica control her breath. While she gets more and more excited playing with her favourite Rubberdoll, Monica is getting very breathless. Video: Peter W. Czernich

Stars: Rubbersisters, Monica & Jacline

White Sisters

"White Sisters" is a girls-girls play clip with rubber doll Valentina and Jacline. The girls really love to be fully rubberised and play naughty games together.

Stars: Valentina, Jacline

2nd-skin Show

The Rubbersisters present their new products at the Fetish Evolution in Essen. Jacline and La Poupette displayed the new products to the customers. Finaly our friend Rubberstar from Italy demonstrated the Silicone Suit and Gloria Mask

Stars: La Poupette Rubberstar, Rubbersisters

Miss Doll 2008

Last year, Monica won the spectacular Miss Doll 2008 contest at the Kitty Kat Club, Munich. The contest concidered two different outfits. They had to strip down their clothes and ended up with corsets and stockings on the catwalk. Many thanks to the Models Jacline, Bijou, Petra and Rubberstar

Stars: Rubbersisters, Bijou, Petra, Rubberstar

Maid Service

Here you can see the privat rubber maid from Monica and Jacline at work. Maid Anna didn´t serve very well, so the Rubbersisters used the electric putt plug to control her with the remote control. What a exciting sunday afternoon. Camera: Uwe Rose

Stars: Anna Rose, Rubbersisters

Maid Service 2

In the 2nd part of the rubbermaid video, Monica is switching on the remote control and turns the voltage igher and higher. Anna and Jacline are getting completly crazy. Monica enjoyes herself and it turns her on, so much. All 3 latexgirls had a quite hot sunday afternoon. Video: Uwe Rose /

Stars: Anna Rose, Rubbersisters
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