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The italian fetish lady Bizarre Violet is dressing herself with transparent and black latex. Her maid Jacline is helping her to get ready for the day. She didn't noticed that a voyeur is watching her through the curtains. Finally she discovered him and found a way to stop his voyeurism. The story will be continued...

Stars: Bizarr Violet, Rubbersisters

Voyeur 2

Bizarre Violet is using an electrochock to stop the voyeur watching her. She decides to transform him into a female love doll for her own pleasure. Playing with her victum, it really turns her on. The rubber maid Jacline is assisting Violet to get her toy in the right position.

Stars: Bizarre Violet, Rubbersisters

Pony Trouble

The human ponys Monica and Jacline had to train their walk. Rider Gwen had no mercy with them and controlled all movements strictly. The ponys was getting wild and had to be strapped on the wall. They had no chance to escape! Many thanks to Gwen from rubber dynasty for the locations and pictures.

Stars: Gwen, Rubbersisters

Customs 2

The story continues with a demonstration of this strange items in the suitcase in front of the officers. Now the girls get really attracted from the intersesting stuff and want to try it themselves. This is the chance for Monica to escape. Models: Hannah, Jacline and Monica, Camera: Peter Felix Kurtz

Stars: Hannah Price, Rubbersisters

Final OP

The 2 rubbernurses checked all the human functions on her new rubbderdoll. Monicas boobs and pussy looking perfect after her operation. She starts walking, drinking and pissing. A great work was done! Photos: Music: Todd Cohen

Stars: Shinealine, Rubbersisters

Lost in the Catacomb

I was bondaged in that deep catacomb, only dressed with my pink latexcatsuit, feeling naked and lost, while two rubber cats find me, touch me, let me alone somewhere and had fun together... Photos & Video:

Stars: Lady G, Rubbersisters

Monicas World

Come with me on a bizarre tour through my fetish world. I will show you different places where I can get my fantasies come true. In this exciting atmosphere I really enjoy my female life as a sexy woman. Kisses Monica

Stars: Monica


Monica styled herself in her badroom to get ready to go out with friends! While she was waiting to get picked up she got horny. She is so excited going out completely transformed into a woman and dessed with a sexy short black dress! See what she is doing...

Stars: Monica

Total Enclosed

The one piece rubber suits and female mask are ready to wear for Jacline. She loves the total rubber encasement and playing with herself in her red room. Every day she got a fresh suit underneath her normal clothing. Have a look what she is doing in her rubberized bed before she get dressed ...

Stars: Jacline

Orgasm Treatment

Monica & Valentina starts a medical examination with her patient Jacline. They secured her thightly on a gyn chair and controlled her breath. Both rubber nurses treats her to an huge orgasm!

Stars: Valentina, Rubbersisters

Rubber Patient

After the night covered in tight latex and forced to be quite, Jacline the rubber patient was in a very good condition this morning. She was dry between her legs! The night treatment was succsessfull so Monica and Bijou decided to get her ready for the examination.

Stars: Bijou, Rubbersisters

Black Fun

At the impressing studio black fun in Leipzig, Paul get invited for an adventure. He didn't know what is coming up. The nurses had prepared the ultimate female transformation set for a complete transformation. Their destination was, to get her ready for receiving punters. See Lady Gillette and Jacline at their medical transformation room how she forced him to the female transformation!

Stars: Monica, Jacline, Madame Gillette

Pink Rubber Doll

It was a sunday afternoon and I had some erotical phantasies in my mind. So I decided to make it real and went to my private rubber room. Pulling on my female mask and rubber catsuit first. That was not enough, and I covered my body with another layer of latex from head to toe. I couldnĀ“t stop touching my self and had pleasure with one of my favorite toys.

Stars: Jacline

Fetish Billiard

Monica & Jacline visited a kinky billiard saloon and started playing a serious game. Both was handicapped with their female masks to shoot the bowl into the right whole. They decided to have more pleasure with some dildos they brought with. The game ends, to fill up each other wholes. What a hot game!!

Stars: Rubbersisters

Rubber Doll Clinic

Back into the Rubber Sisters doll clinic La Poupette is getting a therapy in walking on her tiptoes. She starts a bit instable but after a while she did really well without her crutches. Rubber doll Monica has to fill up a cup of urine specimen to demonstrate her working wholes to the rubber nurses. Camara and location: Matthias Wallmeier

Stars: La Poupette, Rubbersisters


Monica and Bijou continued their treatment on her patient. While she got unplugged, Jacline started to pee again. The rubbernurses decided to prepare her Rubberdoll with a latex piss pant, and made her ready for the next day.

Stars: Bijou, Rubbersisters

Examination Room

The red examination room in a very special english clinic and was inspiring Monica and Jacline to do another sexual adventure. Jacline decided to sit on a gynaecological chair and Monica tested the prepared toys. Many thanks to Peter Felix Kurtz for the location and pictures.

Stars: Rubbersisters


At the Munich Expo Boundcon, Monica presented a new generation of female mask life. From now on, everybody can have their own costum made individual female mask. At the stand of her friends Dutch Dame and Mark Rope the Rubbersisters got bondaged thogether. Many thanks to Eric for the video and editing.

Stars: Dutch Dame, Rubbersisters

Cycling Training

Monica had to train her movemnents on a bycicle and got supported from her rubber racing team. To get her breathing controlled, she had to wear a gasmask. On top of it, Monica got stimulated with a dildo during her training. It really needs a lot of self control to stay this challenge.

Stars: Lady G, Rubbersisters

Cocktail Lounge

Tonight Monica is going to a privat cocktail party. She has to go through the city to get there, wearing her Gloria mask, Moniquin figure pants and her new Moniquin Boobs under her tight black dress. She likes walking in high heels in public and enjoys the reaction of the people. At the party she is doing a stripties.

Stars: Monica
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